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Crystal Core launch

New indie developer founded by ex-journos Tyler Trevell and Scott Miles; PC title in the works.

Announcement Press Release

29th March 2009.

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Crystal Core, and independent videogame developer has been formed today, the start-up company is based in the South West of the United Kingdom.

The studio is led by Ex-Videogame Journalists, Tyler Trevell and Scott Miles.

"It's been a goal from day one for me, to lead a game development studio here in the UK. Both Scott and I will be putting all of our time and energy into our current project. Things behind the scenes are getting increasingly exciting. While working in game-journalism, I discovered that while I reported on the great games on the market, I wanted to play a part in the development. We've been planning the start-up for some time now." - Tyler Trevell, Co-Founder/Producer.

"Running a game website was a fun experience for me, writing about the daily news the game industry leaks out and every now and then reviewing games for other gamers to read. While it was a daunting task with only a few of us running it, it was still exiting. Some strong ideas have gone into Crystal Cores current project and I look forward to the final product." - Scott Miles, Co-Founder/Producer.

Crystal Core will begin development of a new Intellectual Property for the Windows PC Platform in June of this year.

An additional title-specific press release will be made available at a later date.

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Contact Details:

Company: Crystal Core

Email: contact@crystal-core.co.uk

Website: www.crystal-core.co.uk

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