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Title: Crush

Developer: Kuju Brighton

Format: PSP

Genre: Puzzle

Release date: Summer 2007

Unique to its genre, Crush flips traditional gameplay on its head and creates a valuable new gaming experience that is wholly suited to the PSP. Set within a complex, hypnotic 3D world, players can Crush it to form simple 2D platforms, unlock secrets and then back again, to solve otherwise impossible challenges.

Crush story and characters

Danny, the main character and hero of Crush, has been hospitalised for insomnia. A troubled hero and a nervous wreck, Danny's subconscious swims in unresolved issues. Sleeping is all he can think about, but thinking does nothing to actually help him drift away. It is his restless troubles that lead him to seek out help and ultimately to Dr. Reubens.

Dr Reubens, considered by some as a maverick psychologist, but by others as simply a raving mad scientist. Pioneering a new field in medicine, he is convinced his miracle machine will get to the bottom of Danny's troubles and in turn win him the academic acclaim he's due. The problem is Dr. Reubens solutions aren't strictly above board, but his patients don't need to know that do they?

C.R.U.S.H. Dr Reubens' pride and joy, C.R.U.S.H. is the very latest in psychotherapy. The name stands for Cognitive Regression Utilizing pSychiatric Heuristics and according to Dr Reubens, the processing power is matched only by its beauty. What makes C.R.U.S.H. unique is the ability to re-frame a patient's problems. While under hypnosis, C.R.U.S.H. will allow Danny to move between 3D and 2D as he navigates his neuroses and comes to terms with the secrets of his past.

Crush is set for release on PSP and is currently scheduled for release in Summer 2007. For more information on all games by SEGA please visit www.sega-europe.com

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