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Cross Fire

Neowiz's online FPS crossing the sea to North America and the UK courtesy of G4BOX.

Toronto, CANADA-May 21, 2008-- G4BOX Inc, a North American publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media, announced today that it has signed a publishing deal with Neowiz to bring its award-winning Online FPS game, Cross Fire, to North America and the United Kingdom. Under the terms of the partnership, the game will launch in the above-mentioned markets in the fall of 2008.

"We are proud that Neowiz chose G4BOX to bring this leading FPS to North American and U.K. gamers," said Howard He, Chief Executive Officer of G4BOX. "Cross Fire is an innovative and compelling FPS and we look forward to making it a major success."

A military online shooter game for the PC, Cross Fire is developed by Smilegate. Cross Fire is the role model of a first person shooter game with stable and powerful action as well as a strategic battle map. The game boasts sophisticated graphics and a unique system which allows the game to run smoothly even on low-end PCs. The game has proven to be a huge success in Korea where it first launched in 2007.

Additional servers had to be added within one hour of the game going live due to the amount of traffic and people playing the game. In mid-March of this year, Cross Fire was the first FPS to launch its open beta in Vietnam. Within three days of the launch, the number of Cross Fire concurrent users reached 62,000 with more than 1.09 million subscribers in total.

"G4BOX is an excellent partner to bring Cross Fire to western gamers,"

said Won IL SUH, Senior Vice President of Neowiz. We are sure their expertise and publishing experience will help establish Cross Fire as a leading FPS that will truly excite the market."

The two companies will soon release more information and product details about the game for the western market. For more information about G4BOX and its current product offerings visit www.G4BOX.com.


About Neowiz

Neowiz Games is a leading enterprise in the Korean game industry with excellent game development capability and accumulated operational know-how. It is advancing rapidly towards the status of a true global publisher via cooperation with other world class companies such as EA.

Given that Neowiz Games has the comprehensive and pronounced presence in the Asia-Pacific region and planning to branch out to other countries as well, we have a large gamer audience and understand online gamer behavior best from the accumulated service operation know-how.

About G4BOX Inc.

G4BOX Inc. is a leading digital media company focused on the publishing and distribution of premium entertainment products in the fastest growing sectors of the video game market.

In 2006, G4BOX Inc. was founded on the belief that the online video game will become one the most significant forms of entertainment in the 21st Century. With a strong management team with experience in digital media as well as financing, the corporate office is located in Toronto, the Hi-Tech capital of Ontario, Canada.

The G4BOX mission is to become a premier content provider in this explosive worldwide market, with a concentration on creative and technical efforts in introducing new and exciting entertainment products from Asia to North America.

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