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Four new Growth weapons added.

Seoul, Korea – January 22, 2009 – Cronous ( cronous.neofun.com), a popular MMORPG developed and published by Lizard Interactive, players are excited and eager to get their hands on gracious four new Growth Weapons to be added this January.

Four new Growth Weapons added are named; Kai is for Fighters, Crash for Valkyries, Jend for Magicians and Schilt for Savages. These are in addition to the existing growth weapons. These additional weapons are very unique and valuable yet they require higher level restrictions to equip and use.

These new weapons are powerful than ever and, when fully grown, it can be used to polymorph the player’s character into a formidable form with exclusive skills set for each weapons. Special new skills are Holy Sword, Shadow Attack, Ice Field, Ice Spear, Frenzied Attack and Dragon Spear.

Growth Weapon is one of special feature of Cronous. It literally grows up with the player’s character and its ability increases as it does. To find out more in detail about all the interesting features on the globally played MMORPG Cronous, please visit the website cronous.neofun.com.

Press Info: Tae Sun An

                 Business Development

                 E-mail: tsan@lizardinteractive.com

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Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a leading game software developer based in Korea. Lizard Interactive has won numerous government awards for contributions to the game industry, the most recent for innovation in game software development. MMORPG titles include the globally popular ‘croNous’ ( cronous.neofun.com) and ‘Sho Online’ ( shoonline.neofun.com). ‘FunFun’ ( funfun.neofun.com) is Lizard Interactive’s most recently released free-to-play casual multiplayer online game. All these fun and exciting games can be found at the free global games portal, NeoFun ( www.neofun.com). The creative progress is always ongoing at Lizard Interactive.

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