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New service from digital distribution specialist Zallag offering worldwide promotional help to indie developers.

Zallag, a video game publisher 100% dedicated to digital distribution, gives birth to Creatips. After a market study and following requests from several independent studios, Zallag decided to help them promote and sell their games worldwide with Creatips.

Creatips allows developers to sell their productions in the largest and the most effective way possible. This implies being present not exclusively on the big European and American platforms. Indeed, digital distribution is gaining momentum and many distribution channels are emerging throughout the world. At Creatips we will use our connections and contacts to make sure independent games meet the largest possible audience. This commercial support will be completed by an international marketing support.

As a video game and comic-book publisher specialized in digital distribution, Zallag has its own sales and marketing address book. These skills and contacts are essential for studios that might not possess such information. In order to offer a specific and qualitative service, this new activity will be separated from Zallag and be known as “Creatips".

Digital distribution is bringing fantastic opportunities for independent developers. However, the lack of visibility is one of the many challenges they have to face regarding this new way of distributing games. Creatips’ goal is to ensure that independent games finally meet the success they deserve.

« It is only by federating the independents’ strengths

that we can gain visibility from the consumers and

eventually gain more independence from the majors

companies of this industry » says Christelle Chandavoine,

Zallag’s CEO.


• Marketing/Sales analysis from a game concept

• Marketing/Sales analysis from a game already under development

• Elaboration of marketing and PR operations

• Creating and sending Press Releases internationally

• Websites for a game

• Web banners

• Trailer editing

• Web-kits for fans


• Deals with international digital distribution channels

• Referencing games directly into our online store (currently under development) powered by a major company in this sector on PC

• Research of distribution partners for a “retail” version where digital distribution isn’t very developed (Eastern Europe for example)


Digital distribution





Having a whole team dedicated to this particular activity (product manager, business developer, designer) Creatips is determined to help studios innovate through digital distribution. Using its internal resources, Creatips can offer the following services:


Full name: Zallag

Activitie(s): Publishing video games and comics

Website: www.zallag.com (under construction)

Social networks: Present on Facebook and on Twitter

Contact: Audrey Bernard ( creatips@zallag.com)

Founded in 2009, Zallag is the 1st company specialized in publishing-distribution-promotion of entertainment content digitally distributed only. Three games are currently under development. Zallag is interested in all current platforms ((WiiWare, DSiWare, XBOX Live, PlayStation Network, PC) and also publishes comic books to enrich their game’s universe.

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