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Crap of Defense

"Worst game ever" free for three days.

Lublin, Poland, April 16th 2010: the drama surrounding the self-proclaimed “worst game ever to hit the Apple App Store” heightens to a new level. Since the original release of “Crap of Defense”, the development team has done nothing more but getting drunk as usual, desperately trying to come up with new ideas to create an even crappier game before they pass out. They still have their deaf musician on the team, and they still confuse speckles of dirt on the screen for C++ code, and they still insist they deserve a medal for the worst game ever, regardless of what the incompetent and ignorant journalists write! (that was a long sentence PHEW!)

To put it bluntly: The guys at ifun4all tried everything to fail. They created a crappy game that lacks originality and creativity. They released a LITE version they were convinced would fail, and they even created, frame-by-frame, an awful trailer. Unfortunately, something shocking has happened! Beginning tomorrow, April 17th, “Crap of Defense” has won the honorable award by the ignorant voters on FreeAppCalendar, and will be free of charge for 3 whole days! OMG! WTF? Somehow, for some reason, it’s impossible for the dev-team to suck. Now they have to suffer through an entire weekend knowing someone, somewhere, is actually dumb enough to think “Crap of Defense” will actually entertain them and bother to download the game!

To those who even care, not that the developer expects anyone does, it was asked what “Crap of Defense” was actually about? Apparently, the game is yet-another-rip-off of the “tower of defense” games, so terribly crap it only features one tower. It does have several campaigns, 3 difficulty levels and more than 36 levels of boredom. The game has 4 extremely dull themes, and even has a survival mode directly inspired by what the developers feels like they are going through every day in the office.

Journalists interested in seeing first-hand how terrible this game is can send an email to press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com to receive a promo code.

There is really not much else to say except avoid this game at all cost.

Trailers full of defensive crap:


Crap of Defense – App Store Link:


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