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Crap of Defense

Reduced from $4.99 to 99C. Also, Boris got so drunk he thought he'd regained his sight.

We talked to the chairman of Hungarian Quality Control Association and we was assured that there is no way that there is something worst. Our game really is the worst ever, and nobody can say otherwise. So why you people want to make it different.

Mi történik a játék, nem volt, hogy így legyen- I heard from my mom  when she saw the articles about our game in most popular newspaper in Hungary.

It turns out, that our game is a great hit on all over the world. We didn’t want to do, such a fuss.

My colleagues Boris Czernienko (def and blind composer), Laszlo Kovács (project manager) and I, we want to declare that our game is the worst ever, but  people around us  they are like traszban (in our language it’s mean "like in trance").

At the beginning all the rumor about the game was nice , but not anymore. Boris who drinks a lot, started to drink even more lately. Last time he was so drunk that he thought that he regained his  sight . Laszlo fell into depression and he shaved off his beloved rabbit. I live with my mother who is constantly complaining - "Mit csinálsz. Ez a shambles and I Atok !!!..." I'm afraid to go outside, because the reporters and paparazzi are everywhere.  The fame is not for us. Imagine that, Boris was invited to the “Dancing with stars” show. Hungarian adaptation is looks really bad but still not like our game.

We decided to do something with it. We went to the nearest bar to establish an action plan. By the way I have a Volga so it was nice trip. Boris, of course, get drunk and he tried to smash his iPhone. Fortunately we have found the  solution

Witosz the lokal vilage idiot told us that we can lower the price of the game from 4.99$ to 0.99$, besides restrict the sale. From now on, everybody who will want to play will have to write on facebook or any other crap like this that our game is total “szar” and of course  we have to stop adding the game to each portion of stew in Hungary.  That’s the plan.  

Also we want to declare that our game will be no longer avaliable, when ever  we want.

Ez nem egy jó játék, and we are happy like hipo because the end of Crap Of Defense is near.


Fülöp Mészáros

Crap Of Defence game designer. In Hungary proclaimed as „the one” proclaimed

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