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Consoles Sports League revamps its website.

Cologne, April 6th 2009 – Today, the Consoles Sports League presents its renewed homepage at www.consoles.net. Besides the revised layout, the Consoles Sports League has integrated several new features in order to simplify the process of playing a match. New tools like the Matchmaker and the Consoles Level are the key to make playing in the Consoles Sports League much more comfortable.

In the course of the redesign, Turtle Entertainment, the European market leader in electronic sports, unites the up to now seperated console areas into one platform.

To mark the relaunch, Europe's most active console gaming league is organising several Relaunch Cups, sponsored by Bigben Interactive, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

„With the Consoles Sports League's relaunch, we strengthen our role as the home to all console gamers", say Michael Kuhl, Director Consoles, Human Resources and Processes of Turtle Entertainment from Cologne. „The new website highlights the passion it is all about: gaming.“

Further Information about the Consoles Sports League and the new features: www.consoles.net

Information about Turtle Entertainment is available at www.turtle-entertainment.de

Consoles Sport League

Consoles Sports League ( www.consoles.net) is the European platform for console gamers. It is operated by Turtle Entertainment, the European market leader in electronic sports. Consoles.net opened for competiton in 2006 and has since then attracted more than 33,500 members. 32,000 Matches have been played in more than 30 game since the start and 3.3 million page impressions are generated each month. The Consoles Sport League expanded to France in October 2006 and to Italy in June 2007. Prize winning premierships and Cups are primary projects for Consoles.net.

Further information regarding the Consoles Sport League Consoles Sport League: www.consoles.net

About Turtle Entertainment GmbH: www.turtle-entertainment.de

Turtle Entertainment

Turtle Entertainment was founded in 2000. The company quickly grew to be the European leader in the sector of electronic sports (eSports). The Electronic Sports League (ESL), operated by Turtle Entertainment, is active in 20 different countries worldwide. The league portal www.esl.eu reaches above 1,5 million unique visitors a month generated by more than 940,000 active members. Turtle Entertainment broadcasts ESL events via IPTV channel ESL TV since 2007. The headquarter has 170 employees and is located in Cologne, Germany. Turtle Entertainment owns the majority of the Chinese eSports league PGL (Pro Gamer League) since 2007. Important business partners of Turtle Entertainment are global corporations such as Intel, Asus, adidas and Suzuki.

Further information is available at www.turtle-entertainment.de

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