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Conan launches in Russia and Poland

Funcom's fantasy MMO looks to new territories to bolster sales

Funcom has announced that it has now launched its Age of Conan MMO in two new territories in Europe - Russia and Poland.

The company has worked with localisation partners in the countries, 1C and CD Projekt respectively, and those partners will also be responsible for community management, sales and marketing.

"Eastern Europe is quickly becoming one of the most important markets for massive online games, and it will be a continued focus for Funcom to strengthen our presence there," said Morten Larssen, VP of sales and marketing at Funcom. "Together with our partners we will therefore focus on making the game a success for many years to come.

"Since we launched Age of Conan last year, the game has taken large strides. This means that all new customers get a fuller Conan experience and nothing pleases us more."

The announcement comes at a troubled time for the developer, following losses of USD 23.3 million in its fourth quarter, and the resignation of CFO Olev Sandnes.

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