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Commodore Gaming Announces European Retail Partners


Leipzig, 23rd August 2007: At the Leipzig Gaming Convention, Commodore Gaming today announced its current retail and distribution partners for Europe, including both retail and e-tail outlets.

While in some countries the higher specification models (GX, XX) will only be available through www.commodoregaming.com, retail is confirmed as hugely important in Commodore Gaming's efforts to bring PC gaming to the mainstream, with affordable gaming PCs available in retail stores across Europe.

"We're delighted to offer the thrill of PC gaming to a much wider audience than anyone has previously", commented Bala Keilman, CEO Commodore Gaming. "While it's possible to buy online, the specifications involved and the customisable options can make it a daunting task for newcomers to the PC gaming scene. With our entry level models in-store, customers can get advice, as well as see the product they are buying"

For all retail sales, customers will also receive a voucher for a free additional set of c-kin panels, in case the one available in-store does not suit their personal style. Choosing online, customers have over a hundred c-kins to choose from, including street art, photography, and other designs.

The various retail and distribution companies across Europe are detailed below:

Germany: Alternate e-tail - (Commodore G model)

www.profi-trade.de distribution

www.commodoregaming.com (Commodore GX, XX)

Switzerland: JET (Commodore G) retail, distribution

France: C-discount (Commodore GS) e-tail

Boulanger (Commodore G) retail

www.commodoregaming.com (Commodore GX, XX)

UK: Play.com (Commodore G) e-tail

Pinnacle distribution (Commodore G, GS)

www.commodoregaming.com (G, GS, GX, XX)

Netherlands: MyCom (G, GS, GX) retail, distribution

Ireland : www.commodoregaming.com (G, GS, GX, XX)

- Ends -

For further details please contact:

Jools Moore or Gavin Spicer

Naked Ape Public Relations

+44 (0) 771 773 4606 / +44 (0) 7779 612 982

jools@naked-ape.co.uk / gavin@naked-ape.co.uk

About Commodore Gaming

Driven by a team of gaming veterans and enthusiasts across a broad range of disciplines Commodore Gaming is a passionate provider of products and services for the mobile, PC and Video game market. Created through a joint venture with Commodore International Corporation, Commodore Gaming was founded in 2005 and aims to re-establish the brand as a leader in its industry.


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