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Commander: Napoleon At War

Battle of Waterloo's anniversary celebrated with a 60% price cut.

To celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th June 1815, Slitherine is slashing the price of Commander Napoleon at War by 60% for a limited time only! Commander Napoleon at War is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Commander Europe at War. The original game puts players in control of the major powers of World War II and has just launched on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP across Europe. The sequel puts you in Napoleon’s shoes, or maybe you prefer to fight the might emperor and play as Wellington, Blucher or Kutuzov.

For more information or to buy the game visit http://www.slitherine.com/games/cnaw


• 8 campaigns starting from Napoleons assault on Austria in 1805 up to the 100 days campaign ending at Waterloo in 1815.

• Take control of Napoleon's forces or the Allied Coalition who opposed him, including Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia.

• Huge map covering all of Europe in amazing detail

• Research many new technologies and control the focus of your nations research.

• Dynamic weather system including mud, snow, storms and more

• Trade routes and privateers

• Fortresses and siege warfare

• 12 different units types including Militia, Line Infantry, Light & Heavy Cavalry, Foot & Horse Artillery, Frigates, Ships of the Line and Pirate raiders.

• Recruit historic commanders such as Ney, Blucher, Wellington & many more.

• Multiplayer via LAN, hot seat, PBEM and Internet


• Grand campaign 1805 -1815

• Prussia/Poland 1806-1807

• Peninsula 1808-1814

• Austria/Danube 1809

• Russia 1812

• Germany 1813

• France 1814

• 100 Days/Waterloo 1815

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