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Combat Arms Europe

Fate of abusive players now in hands of players via new "Vote Kick" system.

May 7, 2009 – Players can now decide over the “fate” of abusive players on their (unified) own at Combat Arms Europe, the popular free-to-play FPS title by Nexon Europe Limited.

With today’s update, Combat Arms Europe delivers a further advanced level of game-play environment with a striking new feature, the “Vote Kick” system. This new system which is available for all players at all levels for free allows players to vote for kicking out certain players from the game who obstruct the game-play through abusive behavior and use of hacks and/or glitches.

This system is especially effective as a vote can be conducted at any time during the game play, and players don’t have to wait until the current round is over to sack a deviating player.

As soon as players spot an abusive player within their own team, anyone belonging to the team can start with a vote by pressing the F5 key and following the simple, yet discrete steps to set the target player and reason for enforcement, which will then be sent to all playing users on that team. Players who have received a ballot can then either vote for or against the enforcement by pressing the F5 or F6 key, and if the majority (over 51%) finds it reasonable and agrees to the action, the target player will be automatically kicked out of the game immediately.

The target player for enforcement will be alerted by a friendly message that “a voting session is being held” and a vote will be considered null if it is not made within the limited voting time of 15 seconds.

The “Vote Kick” was designed as a defined measurement against imprudent misbehavior and illegal use of hacks and glitches, long-term issues that engage every popular online game.

“Maintaining a clean and fair game-play environment is one of the top priorities of Combat Arms Europe,” says Sung Jin Kim, Directing Manager at Nexon Europe. “We already support the cash item “Elite Moderator” that allows players to kick noted abusive players from a room before starting a game, and it is very welcomed by our players as they can directly and immediately take action over those who obstruct the game-play for everyone else. The “Vote Kick” system now allows players to catch misbehaviors on the spot, and the team can fairly decide over the equity of an accusation. We believe that the new system along with the in-game reporting system, Elite Moderator and of course steady GM patrols will encourage the fair-play and friendly competition at Combat Arms Europe.”

Today’s patch further includes new additions to the “Black Market”, the third female mercenary Hana and EXP & GP Bonus Items to splash additional 25% on top of the usual portion.

Combat Arms Europe drives on to gain enthusiasm and popularity among European gamers with its exciting mix of various combat styles, battlefields and multiple game modes, presented in eye-catching graphics and customized characters. Combat Arms Europe also features a high level of socialization with in-game Buddy List, Clan System, Community Support and many more.

This essential composition of traditional as well as advanced FPS elements and striking socialization features is free-to-play, representing a truly unique offering in the ever evolving world First-Person-Shooters.

To sign up and to download the game for free, visit http://combatarms.nexoneu.com.

Nexon Europe

Established in March 2007, NEXON Europe is the European publishing arm of NEXON Group, a pioneer of interactive entertainment software and the world’s leader in massively multiplayer online games. Following the launch of the world-wide Hit-MMORPG “MapleStory” in Europe in May 2007, NEXON Europe’s growing library of title now includes the highly anticipated online First-Person-Shooter “Combat Arms Europe”.

For more information on NEXON Europe and its games, please visit the official website at www.nexoneu.com and the official blog http://blog.nexoneu.com.


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