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Climax signs two with Fluent Entertainment

British developer starts a beautiful friendship with Californian publisher

UK development group Climax has signed up two new projects with California-based publisher Fluent Entertainment, which will be developed at the company's London and Solent studios.

The deal will give a further boost to Climax, which is already one of the most successful development companies in the UK - with titles such as MotoGP, Sudeki and Warhammer Online to its name.

"We are delighted to be working with Fluent Entertainment on these exciting projects," commented Climax CEO Karl Jeffery. "Much like us, Fluent is a highly ambitious company founded on a wealth of experience and weâre looking forward to nurturing a strong relationship."

In case you're wondering who Fluent Entertainment are (they're hardly a household name, after all), the company is a publisher with its head offices in Novato, California, as well as development studios in Novato and in New Zealand. As well as publishing its own titles, it has co-published some games with Vivendi Universal Games.

"Forging strong relationships with top developers is extremely important to Fluent and its growing stable of award-winning releases," according to Fluent CEO Doninique Bourse. "We are very pleased to formalize this exciting development relationship with the talented and innovative team at Climax."

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