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Circulate Prologue

30-level taster of rotating board puzzler available for iPhone and iPod touch for 0.79€.

Madrid, July 23, 2008. LemonQuest, a leading company in technology and in the development of games and contents for mobile devices, announces the release of their first video game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Circulate Prologue, which will be available for downloading on July 22nd through the iTunes Store.

Circulate Prologue is the first chance to check out the revolutionary concept available in the full version soon to come, Circulate, which is based on the game originally for PCs. Not only was this one of the most downloaded titles in all of history, it has now become one of the best adaptations for use on mobile phones.

The great innovation here is that Circulate Prologue introduces a new element to the game play, requiring the users rotate the entire game board (by moving the phone itself) so that they can successfully complete all the different objectives of this wildly entertaining puzzle. All thanks to the iPhone and the iPod Touch’s accelerometer, you can count on a physics system that works in real time and follows the players’ exact movements so that they control the game’s events and its gravity without pushing a button. It’s a control system that has never been seen before for either of these two devices, making this a totally unique game system that is completely intuitive and easy to learn and master.

Circulate Prologue offers a completely new, innovative, absorbing, and most of all, fun game experience, something that will only be amplified with the arrival of the full version to the iPhone and the iPod Touch later this year.

Circulate Prologue consists of 30 levels in the Deathmatch mode. This mode will be just a taste of what is to come in the complete version of the game which will be available starting in October 2008. This complete version will contain different game modes, like “Quest mode” with more than 100 different levels, only making it a much more intense and exciting experience.

Bernard Seco, Business Development Manager, at Lemonquest: said “Work along with the Apple team is a unique experience; we came across the most professional, helping and understanding people. If we add to that their unique tools and their great device you just get the perfect mix to create entertainment.”

Circulate Prologue can be obtained by going to www.lemonquest.com, for just 0.79€.

About LemonQuest:

Lemonquest ( www.lemonquest.com) edits and develops some of the most innovative and exciting mobile games. The technology used by LemonQuest gives leading mobile operators everything they need –premium and niche brands, a comprehensive catalogue of contents, and the ability to deliver technology– to successfully provide these products to subscribers.

LemonQuest is a company participated by the venture capital firm DEBAEQUE.

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