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Chuck Gnome

Pointy-hatted iPhone shooting gallery game.

Washington, D.C.

In a world filled with danger, one gnome stands between order and chaos. And that gnome needs you… to chuck him!

An arcade-style shooting gallery game for the iPhone, Chuck Gnome features a fearless hero -- part garden gnome, part slingshot ninja. This feisty little action hero will fling himself relentlessly into the face of danger, battling dragons and demons while giving gamers that special satisfaction that only a good 0ld-fashioned gnome toss can deliver, round after round.

Use a finger to aim and shoot Chuck at moving targets. Gnome Vision lets you visualize Chuck’s flight path before launch so you can achieve unmatched accuracy and rack up points. Missed the target? You may have a second chance! Chuck Gnome makes unique use of the accelerometer. By tilting your device left or right the stage will rotate, giving you that extra space you may need to nab 'em before they disappear. Earn achievements and unlock new levels as you chuck Chuck and move closer to saving his princess.

Key features include:

Five pixel-perfect episodes (not including Minigames!) each with its own unique visual style Multi-layered environments you can only fully explore using your iPhone’s accelerometer Choreographed enemies that go far beyond the typical carnival game Orchestral soundtrack by Tapani Siirtola of Sound Real Finland Openfeint online Achievements and Leaderboards Unlimited Gnomes to Chuck!

“Chuck Gnome is a simple game that anyone can enjoy for a few minutes at a time,” said Steve Tompkins, Co-founder of Movable Sprites. "The unique ability to tilt your iPhone to rotate the playing field adds a strategic element that makes this game a challenge to master. After nearly eight months of development, if our kids still tolerate us using them as our play testers, we think the public will have a great time with it too."

Chuck Gnome is available now on the iTunes App Store for just $1.99. You can purchase it here:

To get a taste of the game for free, try Chuck Gnome Lite:

To download game assets please click here: www.chuckgnome.com/ChuckGnome-MediaKit.zip

About Movable Sprites

Movable Sprites is a mobile application development studio based in Chantilly, VA. Founded in 2010 by Dave Hakim and Steve Tompkins, the company develops software for the iPhone and iPad platform. The company’s launch title, Chuck Gnome, is slated for release in the App Store in August 2010.

Sam Dalsimer, TriplePoint for Movable Sprites



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