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Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple

A further trove of hidden objects to locate on your iPhone.

USA & Poland - Aug 2, 2010 - City-Interactive is proud to announce the availability of its new game: Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store.

Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple combines features of classic point and click adventure games, as well as logic puzzle and hidden object games. The game puts you in the shoes of Sylvie, a young archaeologist, who is about to begin the greatest adventure of her life. Having received an invitation to France from her uncle, a renowned historian, she arrives there only to discover him missing. His disappearance is connected to the recent discovery of a mysterious underground chapel from the times of the Crusades. Sylvie embarks on a journey to find her uncle and to uncover the long forgotten secrets of the famed Knights Hospitaller!

There's plenty to enjoy in Curse of the Ancient Temple. The bulk of the game play comes in the form of screens where the player is tasked with finding a variety of objects hidden in the scenery. Puzzles are constantly interjected and serve as a break from the usual action. These puzzles range from balancing weights and matching symbols, to navigating mazes and tracing difficult paths. The game contains stunning 3D graphics and the aesthetic quality continues into the music, which generates a sense of tension throughout the minigames.

Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple is perfect for experienced adventure gamers as well as casual gamers.

Game Features:

An intriguing plot with unexpected twists and secrets 50 fully rendered locations 14 intense and demanding mini-games An excellent blend of the hidden object and adventure game genres A special game mode Hidden World allowing you to play classic hidden object levels

"Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple is exactly the sort of game that should be reaching the iPhone," said Marek Tyminski, CEO of City-Interactive. "The game features an extremely rich story line and wonderful, tricky mini-games and intriguing puzzles that will keep gamers entertained for hours."

Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple is available now for the iPhone for $3.99. You can purchase the game http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chronicles-of-mystery/id382207241?mt=8 For more info on the game please visit City-Interactive website at http://www.city-interactive.com/.

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