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Chase The Chuckwagon

Membership passes the 3,000 mark.

Orange County, CA (PR) – August 31, 2009 Video gaming auction alternative ChaseTheChuckwagon.com has now surpassed 3,000 members, continuing its dominance of video game niche auction sites. What started only a year and five months ago has grown extremely fast and has surprised many people along the way. According to Mike Kennedy, founder of ChaseTheChuckwagon.com, he was met with his share of negativity in the beginning. Mike mentions, “People wanted to believe the Chuckwagon could become an alternative to Ebay, but very few actually thought it could actually happen.” It has been said recently, niche auction sites will continue to become more and more popular for markets that can support such a niche site. Video games can certainly support a dedicated auction site and right now ChaseTheChuckwagon.com is leading a small pack of dedicated auction sites/marketplaces dedicated to gaming.

It was Mike’s initial goal to hit 4,000 members in its first two years of operation and it appears this will happen. Mike indicates, “It was important to me to grow the Chuckwagon steady and fast. Sellers need to know I am doing what I can to propagate buyers for them. This, coupled with the significantly reduced selling costs, makes ChaseTheChuckwagon.com a compelling alternative to the fee ridden Ebay.

Taking on a company as large as Ebay is a monumental task. Since launching, ChaseTheChuckwagon.com, has been graciously helped by a variety of video gaming communities. Thanks to Digital Press, Atari Age, Nintendo Age, Cheap Ass Gamer and a variety of others, ChaseTheChuckwagon.com is chipping away at Ebay one gamer at a time. If you would like to help ChaseTheChuckwagon.com continue its assault on Ebay as an alternative to gamers, please contact them at admin@chasethechuckwagon.com to get more information on how you can help. Gamers around the world will most certainly appreciate it.

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