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Chaos Rings

Turn-based RPG now available for the iPhone.

London (20th April 2010) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces CHAOS RINGS™ is now available on the iTunes® Store ( www.itunes.com) and App Store worldwide.

A brand-new RPG developed for the iPhone/iPod touch; CHAOS RINGS is set around a battle tournament called Arca Arena, where teams of two compete for victory and eternal life. Characters will gain levels and earn experience points from defeating their foes to upgrade their team’s combo skills, enabling the pair to launch bigger, stronger and more devastating attacks.

The unique story of CHAOS RINGS will unfold based on the pairing of characters that the players choose. By experiencing the story lines of each pairing, the true mystery of Arca Arena will be unveiled.

Featuring a turn-based battle system, players are given the choice between ”solo” moves, where they can enter commands separately, or “pair” moves, to execute actions as a team. Working as a “pair” allows the characters to concentrate their efforts for more effective power. Defeating enemy monsters allows players to obtain specific DNA information called “gene,” which players can equip to learn the monster’s magic and special attack moves.

For more information, please visit the official CHAOS RINGS website:




Platform: iPhone /iPod touch

Genre: RPG

Launch Date: 20/04/2010

SRP: €10.49, £7.49

Copyright: ©2010 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN: Yusuke Naora. Developed by Media Vision Inc.

Developer: Media Vision Inc.

Publisher: Square Enix


A tale of love and loss 10,000 years in the making.

"A skilled assassin, an eastern princess, a giant axe-wielding warrior and a fierce female fighter. 5 couples from around the world are summoned together by a mysterious being known only as "The Agent". The Agent tells them that they must fight to the death in a tournament called the Ark Arena. Should they refuse, they will be killed. There is no escape. Thus, each couple, without knowing where they are or why they must fight, are swept away into a battle for their lives. The sole reward for the victors? The promise of eternal life..."



Square Enix offerings including FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY II for iPhone/iPod touch

Celebrating the release of CHAOS RINGS, Square Enix will be discounting titles that have been released to date for a limited time. Sale ends May 6, 2010.

Please visit the following website for details: http://dlgames.square-enix.com/jp/ipod/


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