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Chaos League – Sudden Death


  • Presentation before each match of best players on each side
  • Replays during match (for touchdown, .......)
  • Mini, in-match, camera (to see what a player can see - like FPS - or see injury)
  • New « illicit practices » : bonus bounty on an opponent to be taken out of the game
  • 3 or 4 new grounds with influence of chosen ground on game play
  • Weather conditions impact on game play
  • 3 new races with specific game play
  • 19 more heroes
  • New player type (captain) with about 40 more players
  • Appearance of supporter tribes with their own spectator spells
  • Possibility of action combos during match to gain certain advantages from spectators
  • Twice as much commentary
  • Stadium atmospheres reworked - far trashier and more in-your-face
  • No more slow-motions. Are replaced by haranguing of prostrate player by coach
  • Improved and more varied AI
  • More animations
  • Twice as many spells and skills
  • New magic system (auto cast, ......)
  • New scenarios and very special teams to free-up
  • Player retirement system
  • In-match interface optimised
  • Possibility to confer a role on a player. For example, to act like a receiver or defender. The player will have a specific AI to manage him/herself, to move, to attack, .....
  • Possibility to attack ref


  • Better AI
  • New type of league
  • Possibility to play with perso team in a « friendly match » against game's AI
  • Turn-based system improved
  • Much improved management, with players under contract, wages, undertakings to sponsors
  • New stat pages : cemetery page, background page on each race and hero


  • Talk via microphone
  • Spectator mode
  • Much improved and more stable GameCenter
  • Tournament or league tables created and managed by networked players themselves

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