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Cellien Studios Goes Console!


MAY 2006

Cellien Studios, former subsidiary of Star Cave Studios and developer of Illumina (PC FPS game, scheduled to be released as Freeware) and Terra: Formations (PC MMO) announces its intention to focus on the Nintendo® platforms in the future.

Currently the studio is busy developing original game content for the Nintendo DS system while developing games on contract for external developers and publishers targeted at the Game Boy® Advance; Additionally, Cellien Studios are entering negotiations for updating existing Game Boy® Color titles onto the Game Boy Advance system, and porting Nintendo GameCube titles onto the Wii system, a platform Cellien Studios are eager to work on in the future.

Founded by Matthew Sanders (CTO) and Blake Lowry (CCO) in 2004, Cellien Studios are very excited about the shift in focus from hardcore PC development to console development; by developing original IP for the Nintendo platforms, while acting as a contracting agent to other studios and publishers in need of an established and committed 3rd party team, Cellien Studios is ready for the future.

Developers and publishers with original IP or an existing backlog of products regardless of platform are encouraged to contact Cellien Studios to discuss available options for porting content onto one or more Nintendo platforms.

Hans F. Olsen, CEO
SKYPE : hansfrederikolsen
Tel. +1 707 535 6809

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