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CCP announces The Availability of QUAFE


REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - CCP announced today that it has started production on Quafe, the most popular soft drink in the world of EVE Online. The drink will be officially launched at the EVE Fanfest, which starts on October 22nd.

Quafe first appeared two centuries ago and, like so many soft drinks, was initially intended as a medicine for indigestion and tender stomachs. But the refreshing effects of the drink appealed to everyone and the drink quickly became hugely popular. This success of the Quafe Company, which has mostly come about in the last three decades or so, can be largely credited to one man: Poire Viladillet, the CEO of the Quafe Company for the past 35 years. Under his leadership the Quafe Company has propelled from being one of several leading soft drink manufacturers into a clear and undisputed supremacy.

About two months ago, a CCP employee was able to get his hands on the secret formula and after continuous research and testing, CCP has figured out a way to manufacture Quafe and production has already started in cooperation with Icelands largest soda drink manufacturer.

CCP has started a contest where current players of EVE can vote for a Quafe Queen which will be the official spokeswoman for the soft drink throughout the galaxy. Registered users can go to http://myeve.eve-online.com/quafequeen to cast their vote.


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CCP is a privately held company and a pioneer in the field of massively multiplayer games. Its mission is to develop online games that are on the leading edge in the areas of game play, graphics and user interaction. CCP is headquartered in Reykjavík Iceland and from there develops, publishes and distributes EVE Online.


Magnus Bergsson (CMO), 354-511-4986, magnus@eve-online.com - www.eve-online.com

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