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Catalyst range

First gaming accessories from "premium experience brand" CM4 include covers for Wii Remote, DSi and PSP.

August 31, 2010

Tired of cheap plastic cases ruining the awesomeness of your portable or controller? Making their debut in the gaming industry with a solution to that question is premium experience brand CM4 and their Catalyst line of covers for the Nintendo Wii Remote TM with MotionPlus, Nintendo DSi TM , Nintendo DSi XL TM , and the Sony PSP ® go.

The Catalyst line offers high quality, distinct design and superior functionality as an alternative to products that are merchandised and marketed at the consumer rather than designed specifically for them. Each product on the Catalyst line offers an experience tailored specifically to gamers.

"Our customers have created a particular lifestyle aesthetic and the Catalyst line of covers amplifies that lifestyle. The controllers and handhelds you use will never be the same." -Jon Ray, Director of Marketing, CM4.

These products offer protection combined with style to enhance and add confidence to gameplay. Along with their seductive design, Catalyst covers are made from carefully chosen materials that improve comfort and grip, while seamlessly integrating into contemporary lifestyles. Both the covers and their packaging have been specifically designed for a lifestyle change amongst gamers who want better protection for their handheld while also showing off an unmatched style.

Set a trend with Catalyst and make a lifestyle statement with the way you play. Catalyst covers are available for Wii Remote TM with MotionPlus, while Catalyst SLIM COVERS are offered for Nintendo DSi TM , Nintendo DSi XL TM , and Sony PSP ® Go.

A few images are attached and you can access more in the media section on the official website for CM4: http://www.cm4.com/Press_Kit/Digital_Assets/index.html

There are a limited number of review covers available. I’d like to get them in your hands and on your handheld so that you can witness first hand how much CM4 has put into the design and comfort of the covers. Requests can be emailed to daylon@51mktg.com.

You can also follow CM4 and get the latest on Catalyst via Twitter - http://twitter.com/whatisCM4

Contact Information

Jon Ray

Director of Marketing

CM4, Inc.



Daylon Deon



214 444 9851

About CM4

CM4 designs premium products that enhance the user experience. Our mission is to expand and evolve the devices that we use to interact with life. We use the products we design, and we have extremely high expectations of what we own and use. CM4 offers high quality, distinct design, and superior functionality as an alternative to cheap products that are merchandised and marketed at you, rather than designed for you.

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