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Catacombs, the new Dark Age of Camelot expansion is expected in Europe for the first quarter of 2005

The number one massively multiplayer game in Europe, Dark Age of Camelot undergoes a major new evolution with this third retail expansion. Launched in the United States in early December by Mythic Entertainment, the developer of the game, ‘Dark Age

This expansion, which is based on the theme of subterranean worlds, is a new enrichment for a fantastic world inspired by the Legends of the Round Table, Celtic and Scandinavian mythologies. Catacombs leads the players into the depths of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia to discover long forgotten areas and people threatened by a mysterious evil.

As well as 15 new subterranean zones, the Catacombs expansion also brings a remarkable graphical overhaul. The designs of the characters have been completely renewed and players have the possibility to personalise their features in many new ways. Another customised dimension of Catacombs is the appearance of private areas called "Private AdventuringTM" which allow the players to venture alone or with a group through underground terrain exclusively generated for them each session.

Besides all this, 5 new character classes appear and they are already eagerly awaited by players: the Valkyrie, the Bainshee, the Heretic, the Warlock and the Vampiir.

Three years after its launch, the unique concept of Dark Age of Camelot builds on its innovative values in the world of MMORPGs with Catacombs.

Dark Age of Camelot is a second generation massively multiplayer roleplaying game (MMORPG) in full 3D that enables thousands of internet users to play together with their characters. True epic sagas, these games are virtual and persistent places of adventure. Their length of life is infinitely longer than that of classic video games.

With more that 350,000 boxes sold and a dynamic community of more than 185,000 registered players, the game enjoys a continuous success since its release in February 2002.

Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs can only be played online and requires Dark Age of Camelot main game and the first expansions 'Shrouded Isles' and 'Trials of Atlantis' as well as a valid subscription.

For detailed information concerning the game: http://www.camelot-europe.com

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