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Casual & Social Monitor

Bi-annual report launched to monitor all things social, casual and mobile.

London 28 April 2010 - To complement the annual Today’s Gamers surveys on all game platforms and business models, Newzoo has launched a bi-annual monitor to track the fastest moving segments of the games industry. The monitor focuses on relative and absolute market sizes as well as overlap of social networks, casual game portals and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad, in terms of business models, revenues and player profiles in the US and key EU markets. The launch partners, including Microsoft, RealGames, SPILGames, King.com, and RTL Group will start working with the results first-hand this May.

Online business models driving the games industry.

Virtual currency, premium downloads, micro-payments and subscriptions are examples of business models first put into play by the games industry involved in online casual games. These revenue streams, combined with the viral character of social networks and mobile devices, are attracting tens of millions of players who actually are paying to play. Developers and publishers alike are jumping to the occasion, making these platforms a key part of their growth strategy. The Newzoo Casual & Social Monitor data facilitates strategic decision making on platforms, game concept, business models and marketing.

Peter Warman, MD of Newzoo adds “I am especially pleased that most clients of our Today’s Gamers surveys have also signed up for our periodic Monitor. The fact that we have become a preferred Microsoft vendor for game market intelligence reflects our ambition to become a global leader in cross-platform consumer insights involving all game business models.”

Benchmarking US and key EU markets.

Data from the Today’s Gamers International survey in 2009 showed that 24% of US social gamers see social networks as their primary gaming destination leaving key EU markets at approximately 10%. It is well known that preferences for game platforms, genres, business models and payment methods vary enormously across US and individual EU markets. The Newzoo Casual & Social Monitor is the first survey to provide insight in the consumer behaviour and business opportunities across main Western markets.

The Newzoo Casual & Social Monitor

The regular survey (May, October) will involve over 10,000 respondents aged 10yrs and up from US, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium selected to be representative for each country. The May 2010 edition will focus on in-depth analysis of online casual game portals and social networks, but other game platforms including consoles, PC, MMOs and mobile devices will be part of the survey leading to complete game market sizing in terms of players and money spent. Data will be available mid-May. Companies can still join as launch partners until the results are available.

Newzoo is a business development consulting firm servicing the global games industry. It sources games and monetization solutions for publishers, provides market intelligence and operates the global business-to-business portal Gamesindustry.com.


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Thijs Hagoort, co-founder

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