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Canadian industry wants tougher piracy laws

ESAC lobbying MPs over "primary issue" of better copyright protection

The Entertainment Software Association of Canada has met with a number of the country's MPs to lobby for tougher piracy laws, because its members feel that their intellectual property is at risk.

The country, which benefits strongly from government financial aid, currently doesn't allow pirated goods to be seized by customs agents without a court injunction, while punishment for piracy crimes are no tougher than fines.

Danielle Parr, executive director of the ESAC, is keen to see that changed: "At the federal level, the primary issue for us... is the protection of intellectual property," she said, according to Canada.com.

She added that the fines facing pirates are currently no more than "a slap on the wrist", arguing for jail terms instead, while she'd also like to see mod chips outlawed: "In Canada, these devices are not illegal," she said. "They're illegal in virtually every other country."

MPs at the event indicated that the issue was pending, but gave no indication on the timescale of writing new legislation on the matter into law.

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