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Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End


In light of the recent financial troubles of HIP Interactive, Headfirst Productions and Ernst & Young Inc., in its capacity as court-appointed interim receiver of Hip Interactive Inc., announced today that they are working together to seek an alternative publishing partner for Call of Cthulhu - Destiny's End, a third person survival horror title due on PS2, Xbox and PC in Mid 2006. Based on the award winning "Call of Cthulhu" from Chaosium Inc.

Birmingham, UK, September 27th, 2004 - Headfirst Productions would like to make potential partners aware that they are ready to enter into negotiations for the rights to publish Call of Cthulhu - Destiny's End.

"Destiny's End is the first product in our 3rd person line of games based in the Call of Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft" said Mike Woodroffe, Managing Director, Headfirst Productions.

The game has received extremely positive initial press reports from E3, being described by PSM magazine as "graphically looking as sound as any game from a major developer and the two-player co-op play is so innovative it's a miracle nobody has thought of it before".

Destiny's End features third person fast paced action-orientated gameplay in a contemporary environment. It is fully co-op play enabled allowing a second player to experience the horrors of the Mythos at any time.

Headfirst's first foray into the Cthulhu Mythos (Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth) is now ready to ship and has consistently picked up glowing previews and 'Most Anticipated' awards. The most recent of these can be found on the game's own website (www.callofcthulhu.com).

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Mike Woodroffe (Managing Director Headfirst Productions) at mike@headfirst.co.uk.

Press Quotes Regarding Destiny's End

"The graphics were completely amazing - watching the trees sway, the reflections on the water, the little touches to the main character would make you disbelieve the PS2 was capable of such feats." - Gamerinfo.net (Editors Choice 2005)

"Destiny's End is a fresh proposition with a central premise that could rejuvenate the whole survival horror concept." - Computer and Video Games

"Given the clear innovations on team-play and the remarkable graphics, as well as the reliance on traditional Lovecraft design, the Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End anticipated release date of late 2006 will be eagerly awaited by many players." - Gamesfirst.com"

There's a definite Resi 4 influence in gameplay and graphical style here too, which is no bad thing. The clever bit comes when you plug in a second joypad. The screen splits into two side-by-side windows and two players can take control of a character each." - PSM2 Magazine

About Headfirst's Game Technology

Headfirst's new game development technology is currently fully functional and running on all major gaming formats. It has been developed over the last three years along with a strong and experienced production team. At the core of its functionality are two rendering systems - the first a highly optimised, internally developed First Person engine for the PC and Xbox and Renderware, something that needs no introduction.

Headfirst's technology for PS2 has to be seen to be believed and is ready to be used in commissioned projects.

About Headfirst Productions

Formed by industry veteran Mike Woodroffe and his son Simon, Headfirst is based in Birmingham, England. Over the last few years they have been creating an ideal situation for game development with extensive investment in technology, recruitment and feasibility studies into production methods. As a result, Headfirst is in a highly enviable position amongst independent developers, with strong experienced staff in all key positions, proven multi-platform technology and a well-known suite of licenses ready to be utilised. For more information, please visit www.headfirst.co.uk.

Headfirst's next major release will be the highly anticipated Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth for Xbox and PC.

About Chaosium

Chaosium is known for publishing high quality books & games, and was founded in 1975 as The Chaosium by Greg Stafford. It was later incorporated as Chaosium Inc. Chaosium thrives in the mild climate, gorgeous surroundings, and gentle earthquakes of the San Francisco Bay area.

Most of Chaosium's product lines are based upon literary sources. H.P. Lovecraft's 1920's horror fiction provides the basis of the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game line which has won so many awards that they have lost count, though they do know that there are more than 70 of them. Mr. Lovecraft also provides the inspiration for their many Call of Cthulhu Fiction collections. For more information, please visit www.chaosium.com

About H.P. Lovecraft

HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT (20 August 1890-15 March 1937) is probably best known as a writer of weird fiction, but some believe his voluminous correspondence to be his greatest accomplishment. You can explore his numerous facets through the many pages of www.hplovecraft.com

Often regarded as the father of modern horror, his influence can be seen in media of all kinds over the past 50 years.

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