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CABAL Online

Rise of the Elders launched.

SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom - [25 Mar 2009] - Games-Masters.com, a leading European publisher of Onlinegames today announced the "Rise of the Elders". Showing off how Cabal Online has evolved in the recent past, Games-Masters gives old players an interesting chance to join back in and see themselves how their old home has evolved.

All old players, that havent been logging in to the game for a long time will receive a special invitation in their Email-Inbox with a special gift, that only they will be able to activate, by logging into the game at the right time (and not before that!).

The following message will be available to the old players:

Old you got, hiding somewhere...

Maybe tired from those many fights and heroic adventures? Ha! What wimp you are!

Truly, you should gather your equipment, clean your weapons, exit that dark cave and get back to Nevareth - show those newbies how a true hero fights!

Even show off who you are, by showing your titles... Dont know what that is? Well, Cabal Online has changed:

... new quests

... Lord of War! Become the best player of your server, and show off!

... Titles! You are a master crafter? A fierceful fighter? An expert dungeon-runner? A GM-Killer? Show what you achieved to other players!

... A whole new High-Level-Map, an island-dungeon which features cruel mutants of unseen strength ... new materials to craft with! Get new weapons with new powers!

Still not convinced?

From Wednesday 25.03.09 until Monday 06.04.09 is your chance to log back in and get your personal:

Blessing Bead ? plus (3 days)!

(EXP 25% up

Skill EXP 25% up

Item drop rate 25% up

Craft EXP 25% up

GPS warp system

Alz bomb rate 200% up)

Show off your skills,

Show off your titles,

And even grow on them,

because this is the


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