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DRM system selected by Crotia-based distributor ALD-ZG.

San Francisco, California, U.S.A. February 9, 2010 - ByteShield, Inc., a provider of user and developer friendly software Digital Rights Management (DRM) to the PC Video Games industry today announced that ByteShield DRM has been selected and implemented by games distributor ALD-ZG of Croatia to protect 25 games from publishers Alawar Entertainment, Brighter Minds Media and Cateia Games. Many more games from these and other publishers are being implemented.

“We wanted to control piracy without inconveniencing our honest users,” said Robert Dropucic, President, ALD-ZG. “According to our research, ByteShield is the most user friendly DRM available and we noted that RYG (Reclaim Your Game) reached the same conclusion. In addition, we selected ByteShield because:

1) the protection is applied only to completed executables so we as a distributor can use it with little or no impact on publishers or development teams and

2) the ByteShield business model has no upfront cost and since charges are a small percentage of actual sales, the costs are directly related to the success of a particular game in the market.”

“We’re delighted that ALD-ZG selected ByteShield,” said Jan Samzelius, ByteShield CEO. “Users’ frustration with today’s user-unfriendly anti-piracy systems (software copy protection or DRM) and the developers’ and publishers’ frustration with the unintended negative impact on end users have opened the market for new innovations. ByteShield, developed by gamers for gamers, has turned these issues 180 degrees and made them competitive advantages through a novel approach and design that makes DRM work for all involved (that is, except the crackers). For example, ByteShield insists on full disclosure/transparency to users while offering many key user friendliness features, including unlimited installs, offline use, no hidden files, one-time activation, and full and clean uninstall. With ByteShield, users have an un-intrusive and convenient experience and distributors/publishers have an easy to implement and flexible protection solution which also provides instant sales. Crackers face a significantly greater work effort.”

ByteShield has now protected well over 100 games proving market acceptance and is a low cost choice for Game Developers, Publishers and Digital Distributors. Thus, there is no need to use solutions which infuriate gamers. Contact ByteShield at info@byteshield.net to start a free trial on either a free game or on your game to test ByteShield’s user friendliness for yourself.

About ByteShield

ByteShield’s unique approach to DRM and copy protection provides users with a transparent, safe and un-intrusive solution while giving PC game and PC applications developers, publishers and distributors flexible licensing management with a high level of protection. ByteShield’s proven technology has received customer and industry accolades from organizations such as Reclaim Your Game (RYG), a gamers group for sensible DRM solutions, which has tested and endorsed ByteShield’s solution. ByteShield has four patents pending in DRM and copy protection and won the 2009 ‘Most Innovative Software for the Software Industry’ award by SoftwareCEO/CompTIA. ByteShield, Inc. is a privately held California corporation, established in 2004, and headquartered in San Francisco. To find out more, visit www.ByteShield.net or call +1 415 420 6636.

About ALD-ZG

ALD-ZG is a game and movie distributor operating the digital download store http://www.CroVortex.com which primarily caters to the Croatian market. ALD-ZG is a privately held company, established in 2001, and headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia.

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