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Bwrw Eira

That's "boo-roo ay-rah", apparently, and it's a new music/effects brand from Tim "CoLD SToRAGE" Wright.

22nd February 2010

Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Today sees the launch of BWRW EIRA {‘boo-roo ay-rah’} a new brand delivering music, sound effects & voice over for games, video, film, TV, websites and media projects. Bwrw Eira is a new division of Tantrumedia Limited which currently rovides multimedia solutions to the entertainment and corporate sectors.

Tim Wright, Managing Director of Tantrumedia Ltd., felt the time was right to showcase the company’s work in a new way,

starting with the audio side;

“Tantrumedia was formed in 2003 as a vehicle to realise in a commercial sense the value of my experience up to that point. I’d been involved in key areas of software development, all the way from concept through to the final sales & marketing. These roles have been on-the-ground, literally designing product, creating music & graphics and coding, and then moving on to website creation and taking part in international sales & marketing activities.

The past seven years have kept Tantrumedia very busy indeed! We’ve notched up a really rich & diverse client list, from small developers to international brands. We’ve supplied all manner of services including music, web development, business stationery, CD duplication, server hosting, promotional merchandising and consultancy on many topics.

Recently we’ve felt that our portfolio was becoming a well kept secret, so we decided to re-focus the company. Moving forward, the Tantrumedia brand will concentrate on delivering our I.T., web and promotional services, while Bwrw Eira will be the vehicle for delivering music, sound effects and post production services.

The recently launched Bwrw Eira website will give people an insight into what we’ve been doing over the past decade in terms of music and post production, while we work behind the scenes on re-launching the Tantrumedia brand too. In the meantime we look forward to working with clients both old & new under our new banner!”

Tantrumedia Limited


Bwrw Eira



Tim Wright’s contribution to the gaming and entertainment sectors has been both prolific and varied. His career began by penning many highly regarded musical scores for 16 bit computers & gaming platforms during the late 80’s and early 90’s, primarily for Psygnosis (SCEE Liverpool) Limited under the name CoLD SToRAGE. He went on to form Jester Interactive Limited in 1997, and as Creative Director spearheaded the creation of the award winning MUSICtm & MTV Music Generator branded products. Leaving Jester in 2003, Wright went on to form Checkmate Solutions Limited, to create a new range of eJay music sequencing products. Around this time he also formed Tantrumedia Limited, to deliver multimedia and I.T. services under the slogan, “Jack of all trades, master of many…” which has over a hundred satisfied clients Worldwide.


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