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China updating real name verification for video games in September

UPDATE: All titles will be expected to comply to prevent children from spending too much time gaming

By James Batchelor

Congress defeats bill to block US military from recruiting via Twitch

US Navy and Army have stated they will continue to stream on popular games site

By James Batchelor

Riot Games ends controversial partnership with Saudi Arabia mega-city project Neom

Esports director admits "we moved too quickly" to cement sponsorship deal

By James Batchelor

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Apple's claim that "we treat every developer the same" tested by US Congress

House Antitrust Subcommittee releases emails showing half revenue share being offered to Amazon for Prime Video app

By Matthew Handrahan

Loot boxes should be a consumer protection matter not a gambling one, says EU report

EU lacks authority to regulate gambling across member states but could tackle "problematic design features" from a different perspective

By Haydn Taylor

Dontnod's Tell Me Why aims for a transgender story not "rooted in pain or trauma"

"The idea that being transgender is caused by trauma is a stereotype that has no basis in fact, and it plays no role in Tyler's story"

By James Batchelor

Amidst pandemic, the ESA focuses on positive impacts of gaming

Stanley Pierre-Louis discusses COVID-19 impacts, digital growth of E3, its lobbying responsibilities, and the industry's recent #MeToo movement

By Rebekah Valentine

The US Army is reportedly withdrawing from Twitch as criticism mounts

Meanwhile, US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans legislation to keep them from using gaming as recruitment

By Rebekah Valentine

The end of 30%? | Opinion

The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Apple -- will this be the end of the App Store's 30% revenue share?

By Dr Andreas Lober

Google blocks anti-fascist game for containing references to Nazis

"Stores and platforms have to deal with hateful content, if reviewers took a closer look at Attentat 1942 for just a moment, they would find out we are not that," says developer

By Haydn Taylor

ISFE, EGDF express concerns over CJEU ruling on EU to US data transfer

Both organizations call free data transfer"crucial" to the EU games industry

By Rebekah Valentine

Twitch reinstates Donald Trump's channel after two-week ban

Channel has already made its first new broadcast, but all campaign rally footage has been removed

By James Batchelor

We need a movement to tackle systemic abuse, not a moment | Opinion

For years people within the industry have listened, but they refused to hear

By Kim Belair

Naughty Dog condemns abusive fan response to The Last of Us 2

Creative director Neil Druckman and voice actor Laura Bailey receive death threats and abuse over game's narrative decisions

By Haydn Taylor

House of Lords calls for loot boxes to be immediately reclassified as gambling

Committee believes chance-based monetisation should be regulated without waiting for wider Gambling Act review

By James Batchelor

Twitch suspends Donald Trump's channel for hateful conduct

Streaming platform cites the president's comments portraying Mexicans as criminals

By Brendan Sinclair

Confederate flag and other "notorious iconography" banned in Forza

Anti-police brutality phrases such as a ACAB and FTP also banned

By Haydn Taylor

Ubisoft and Insomniac face allegations over mistreatment of women

Update: "We must do better," says Ubisoft, hires external consultants to clean house

By Haydn Taylor

Twitch will issue permanent suspensions to abusers on its platform

Investigation is ongoing as Twitch takes additional steps to combat abuse and hate within its communities

By Haydn Taylor

Microsoft makes $250,000 donation for Pride Month

"A dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change," says tech giant

By Haydn Taylor

Industry's abuse problem brought into focus by latest wave of allegations

Less than a year since high profile industry figures named, dozens of streamers, influencers and developers called out for abusive behaviour

By Haydn Taylor

Trump halts H-1B visas through end of year

US president says skilled foreign workers "pose an unusual threat to the employment of American workers" due to COVID-19

By Brendan Sinclair

South Australian government extends 10% rebate to its games industry

The production rebate is the first of its kind to be extended to game developers in Australia

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve looks to stem tide of racist bots in Team Fortress 2

After months of inaction, Valve quietly works to "mitigate the use of new and free accounts for abusive purposes"

By Haydn Taylor

Too little, too shy: The gaming industry's response to #BLM | Opinion

Gaming companies want to get away with tokens of sympathy for #BlackLivesMatter -- Don't let them

By Pavel Afanasiev

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