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Featured Legal articles

Blizzard president addresses harassment, discrimination lawsuit

J. Allen Brack acknowledges the "extremely troubling" hurt of employees and allegations

By Brendan Sinclair

French union files collective lawsuit against Ubisoft

Solidaires Informatique alleges publisher tolerated sexual harassment, HR employees covered for abusers

By Brendan Sinclair

Australian legislator to propose loot box law

Bill would require games with loot boxes to carry an adults-only R18+ rating

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Latest Legal articles

Biden calls for net neutrality restoration

Executive order "encourages" US regulators to bring back overturned rules, limit data collection, protect right to repair

By Brendan Sinclair

Epic Games wins appeal against Apple in Australia

Fortnite firm's antitrust lawsuit to continue after iPhone maker attempted to hold off court proceedings

By James Batchelor

The Age Appropriate Design Code: A quick, practical guide for games businesses

Wiggin LLP's Peter Lewin and Patrick O'Connell on how to comply with the new rules ahead of the September deadline

By Peter Lewin & Patrick OConnell

Australia makes it easier for developers to get permanent residency

Department of Home Affairs adds programmers and multimedia specialists to list of occupations eligible for Skilled Migration program

By Brendan Sinclair

Catching up with the ESA on the eve of the first digital E3

Trade group's president Stanley Pierre-Louis answers our questions about cryptocurrency, gambling, social justice, and toxic fandoms

By Brendan Sinclair

Will the new world of the metaverse be governed by old rules?

Gregor Pryor looks at the legal implications of the latest trend and the need for publishers to form IP protection policies now

By Gregor Pryor

Fortnite court decisions show risks of contracting with minors

Ryan Meyer of Dorsey & Whitney LLP examines recent court cases indicating how binding (or not) a EULA really is when kids are playing

By Ryan Meyer

Court upholds jury's decision in Steam Controller patent dispute

Judge denies Valve's request to throw out jury's $4 million verdict, as well as Scuf Gaming's attempt to increase penalty

By Brendan Sinclair

Twitch warns of more music industry DMCA claims

Video service tells streamers it recently received 1,000 copyright claims from publishers, says more are likely on the way

By Brendan Sinclair

What next from Epic vs Apple? | Podcast

The Game Attorney's Tom Buscaglia joins us on the show to reflect on the trial

By GamesIndustry Staff

Epic vs Apple - Week Three In Review: Who will the judge find in favour?

Legal experts mull over both parties' arguments, debate who made the stronger case, and ponder the implications of the final decision for the games industry

By James Batchelor

Politician pushes for ban on India's PUBG replacement

Indian legislator cautions game is a risk due to data privacy concerns and ties to Chinese companies

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Epic vs Apple: All The Headlines

From Fortnite's removal to closing statements, here's everything you need to know about the industry-shaping antitrust trial

By GamesIndustry Staff

Epic, Apple make their closing statements as three-week antitrust trial comes to an end

But judge warns there's still "quite a bit of work to do" before ruling is made

By James Batchelor

Tim Cook: Having third-party app stores on iOS would be "terrible"

Apple CEO claims opening up its ecosystem would cause "huge convenience [and] fraud issues"

By James Batchelor

Apple asks court to disregard Epic's iOS "essential facility" complaint

Mobile giant claims Epic gave "no factual, expert or legal support" to its case and "has effectively abandoned this claim"

By James Batchelor

Apple spent $1m on Fortnite marketing, earned "over $100m" in commission

iPhone maker's games boss Michael Schmid also shares how Apple defines games and entertainment

By James Batchelor

Apple execs don't know if the App Store is profitable, "don't deny that it likely is"

iPhone maker confirms it took more than $20 billion in commission fees between 2008 and 2017

By James Batchelor

Epic vs Apple - Week Two In Review: Does the judge have a solution in mind?

Legal experts weigh in on the second week of the trial and the battle of the economists

By James Batchelor

Epic vs Apple trial will only affect 17% of iOS games

Apple Fellow reveals that three quarters of all games on the App Store are completely free with no in-app purchases

By James Batchelor

Epic grills Apple expert on "frictionless" outside-app spending

Economist unable to back up claims about apps allowing users to make transactions through browsers

By Brendan Sinclair

Apple questions credibility of Xbox testimony

Update: Epic files opposition, Microsoft also working on a response

By James Batchelor

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