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Bumpy Crash

Online casual battle action featuring racers driving living organic steeds.

1. System requirement

Required Specification

CPU Pentium 4 2.0GHz or higher

RAM 1G or higher

VGA 3D speed over GeForce2 FX 5600 or higher

SOUND DirectX 9.0c Compatibility card

OS Windows 98, me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista

2. Game overview

- Genre: Casual Battle Action

- Platform: PC online game

- Character : 4 skills of Characters, 6 abilities of Bumpy

3. Game World

Auto Land is a fantasy world where human, animal, fairy and devil live together! They all love their means of transportation called 'Bumpy'. So, there are various kinds of Bumpy related Sports ('Bumpy is a living organism they can ride on) The most popular sports is 'Bumpy Crash Battle'!!! Their dream is to be a champion by maximizing Bumpy mechanism and mastering driving control skill

4. Main Game Feature

a. Rival System

Player can check who attacked you the most during the battle. Rival system is designed to increase player's sense of rivalry

b. Ghost System

Though player's HP is reduced to zero, you can still participated in the battle using skill or playing a role of shield for his or her remaining team mates.

c. Best Crasher

As a reward system, special reward is given to the best player who makes the most effective attack during the battle.

d. Death Match

Single Round, 2 out of 3 Round and 3 out of 5 Round are currently available. (Gambling element like 'winner takes all game money' is also added to maximize fun.)

e. Observer System

Observer System allows a player who dies to keep monitoring the battle. Also, player can select the other player's viewpoint in observing the battle.

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