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Brian Baglow appointment

PR chap joins Scottish agency Revolver to head up new games division.

Glasgow, Scotland. April 26th 2010. Revolver, Scotland’s leading digital PR agency, today launched its brand new Interactive Entertainment division, headed by games industry veteran Brian Baglow.

The new division will cover all aspects of the rapidly evolving Interactive Entertainment sector, from the mainstream console market, through to the emergent social gaming, casual and independent (indie) markets, as well as the high growth iPhone and iPad platforms, the online, mobile and massively multiplayer and everything in between.

Brian Baglow has worked in the games industry since 1995, cutting his teeth at Dundee’s famous DMA Design, where he worked on the notorious Grand Theft Auto. From there he’s gone on to work with almost every single Scottish games company, founded the industry news site Scottishgames.net, helped organise events such as the Edinburgh Interactive and North East of North digital arts festivals and generally stuck his nose into anything games related the length and breadth of the country.

Iain Bruce, Managing Director of Revolver PR, says, “The games market is area that has weathered everything the global recession could throw at it – and is still growing - in all sorts of interesting and unusual new directions. Scotland alone has over 30 development studios, covering all of these new platforms, market segments and routes to market. However, it requires a great deal of specialist knowledge understanding to provide credible support to these companies. Brian has worked across all of these areas and with all of these outfits over the last 15 years. So when the opportunity arose to bring his expertise and experience on board, it made perfect sense to grab him and give Revolver instant access to the whole of the games market.

Brian Baglow, the new head of Interactive Entertainment for Revolver, says, “There’s a growing need for focused and expert PR and communications within the games sector. There are more companies, creating more games for more platforms than there’s ever been, yet most of the creators and development studios have little or no option in the PR companies they approach. Revolver has shown that it understands exactly what interactive companies actually need when it comes to PR. The games market is an exciting, enthusiastic and passionate place to work. Revolver’s a perfect match for it. I am thrilled to be back in the game again.”

Revolver PR is a digitally-enabled public relations consultancy, geared to deliver results across print, broadcast & digital media. Combining key press and public relations skills with leading-edge understanding of Digital PR ( http://revolver-pr.co.uk/services/online-pr) , online news distribution, social media campaigns and video marketing. The company offers a full range of corporate communications services designed to deliver twice the value of traditional PR.

Brian can be reached at: brian@revolver-pr.co.uk or 07747 792247. If you’re involved in videogames in any way, you’ll be hearing from him shortly.

About Revolver PR

Revolver PR is Scotland's leading digitally-enabled PR consultancy ( http://revolver-pr.co.uk/content/twice-value-traditional-pr) and is geared to deliver results across the print, broadcast & digital media. Combining key press and public relations consultancy skills with leading-edge understanding of Digital PR, internet news distribution, social media, events PR and video marketing, the agency offers a full range of corporate communications services designed to deliver twice the value of traditional PR.


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