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Brainbox Quizmaster series

Five triv games boasting a million questions a piece and available now.

Aylesbury, England

Developer and publisher Play Sunshine has released its first five games in its Brainbox Quizmaster series for the Apple iPhone. The games are being published on the iPhone by partner Last Legion Games of Los Angeles, CA, and are available in the AppStore.

The Brainbox Quizmaster series offers the most in depth and varied question system on the iPhone. Each of the quiz games has over one million questions and answers combinations built-in, split across three difficulty levels and with ten single player modes and five competitive and five team multi-player modes.

The five titles are Brainbox Quizmaster Football, Brainbox Quizmaster Music, Brainbox Quizmaster Geography, Brainbox Quizmaster History and Brainbox Quizmaster Movies.

Brainbox Quizmaster Football tests your knowledge on all the major European leagues, all European cup teams, as well as the top teams from South America, USA and Japan, the biggest players of the past as well, as all the top teams at international championships. Brainbox Quizmaster Music includes all major international pop and rock acts in the past decades, their albums and hit songs, as well as questions on band members. In Brainbox Quizmaster Geography the players knowledge is tested on countries, rivers, continents, oceans, islands and mountains. Brainbox Quizmaster History takes you back in history and tests your knowledge on the battles, kings, queens and politicians that have shaped the world for better or for worse, whilst Brainbox Quizmaster Movies tests your knowledge on the movie stars of today and the 20th century, their films, the directors and must-know movie-quotes.

The products are being sold through the Apple AppStore by Play Sunshine's partners Last Legion Games. All the Brainbox Quizmaster titles are being sold at $1.99, 1.59 and 1.19.

We are pleased to get our first five iPhone games launched and are working a number of new applications and games at the moment. added Richard M Holmes, CEO, Our relationship with Last Legion covers our output on the iPhone and we are also working closely on the Facebook.

For additional information on Play Sunshine and its products, including product information and demos, please contact Mr. Vili Bageag, PR Manager, on email vili@playsunshine.com, phone +40 771 716 080. Play Sunshine can be followed on the company Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/playsunshine or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/playsunshine

ABOUT PLAY SUNSHINE Play Sunshine (UK) Ltd is based in Aylesbury, England, and has a development office in central Bucharest, Romania. Play Sunshine is a developer and publisher of computer and video games and entertainment on PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and on online platforms such as Facebook.

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