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Brain Cadets

Rising Star Games' first WiiWare offering arrives on February 5th.

Thursday 28th January: Brain Cadets, one of the most entertaining brain training games for Wii, will be available to download for 1,000 Wii Points from Friday 5th February, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

Brain Cadets challenges gamers to complete a number of tests under the watchful eye of the toughest Drill Sergeant around, in the race to progress from lowly Private up to the prestigious roll of Field Marshall.

The Drill Sergeant will make secondary school maths teachers look positively friendly, putting players through their paces to ensure the brain is stimulated in the most gruelling workout ever.

After enlisting, gamers are thrust into boot camp, where there's a choice between two modes of gameplay - Focus Training and Basic Training. Starting as Private (and given a suitably insulting nickname), gamers take on a variety of challenging mini-games with the aim to advance their brain power and rise up the ranks to Sergeant, Lieutenant General and finally, Field Marshall.

Mini-games include Hell Calculation where sums must be done quick to take out the right targets; Hell Roll Call, where players must complete a variety of commands, staying alert to respond when their nickname is called; Hell March puts marching skills to the test coupled with 'yes' or 'no' questions and, random targets must be taken out in the correct order in Hell Shooting.

Being boot camp, this brain training is anything but easy and the Drill Sergeant is on hand to keep cadets in check. If players fail to answer correctly or within the time constraints, his anger levels increase and, once he reaches his limit, the punishments begin! From push-ups and crawling, to running and endurance tests - all making full use of the Wii Remote - it pays to stay on the right side of the Drill Sergeant.

Luckily there are four chances to get a question correct. Although added fun - and pressure - comes from the multiplayer option, which pits up to four people against each other and promises fun for all the family, as each opponent gets to observe the success or failure of each player's answer.

"Quick thinking and concentration are key to success in Brain Cadets," says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. "Gamers who think they've trained their brain to the max should take on the Drill Sergeant's challenges to find out if they're smart enough, or face punishment for failing to rise to the challenge."

Rising Star Games' Brain Cadets will be available from the WiiWare download channel for 1,000 Wii Points on Friday 5th February.

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