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Bounty Bay Online

New trailer gives a taste of what's coming up in "Beyond the Horizon".

Berlin, 04.11.2009: A brand new in-game trailer launches today which will for the very first time give a comprehensive look at the up-coming add-on for Bounty Bay Online . The video gives a foretaste of what awaits players from 25th November in ‘Beyond the Horizon’. Players first of all steer their ships for the south American continent and venture a first look at the legendary Mayan civilisation, with its unique architecture and war-like population. On further voyages of discovery, seafarers can then dock in the new harbour cities of Seward, Salinas, San Francisco, San Diego and Cruz, or stop at the Magellan supply station to take on provisions and other useful things for their next voyage. Lots of high level regions of the add-on are, however, thanks to their countless dangers, not to be explored alone. This is where it pays to stick together. So the new character classes of Treasure Hunter, Armed Businessman, Imperial Guardian, Royal Military Officer and Caribbean Pirate should all draw their weapons together and venture into the demanding Maya instance full of aggressive warriors and dangerous monsters. They will receive back-up in this through the four new pets Hell Wolf, Ice Fairy, Shadow Reaper and Wild Bull. As the trailer shows in conclusion, in ‘Beyond the Horizon’ players will brave just as before, not only on land, but also at sea almost unending dangers and adventures – like for example breath-taking combat in the new arenas or on the high seas.

The new trailer can be seen right away on the official website:


‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be the third and most comprehensive add-on for Bounty Bay Online to date. It provides over 250,000 European players with numerous new features such as the new continent of South America, six new cities, five new character classes, various instances, an expanded pet system with new pets, new PvP arenas and tournaments, new ranking systems and new ships. In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available to download free of charge. Players can obtain regular bulletins about the content of the up-coming add-on at a special micro site: http://bth.bountybayonline.com.

About Bounty Bay Online

With Bounty Bay Online players enter the Age of Discoveries from the 15th to the 17th century. MMO fans are able to choose an online career as a merchant, sailor, fisherman, pirate or adventurer and make their fortune at land and on the seven seas. Alone or with a guild of players, many adventures and gripping quests lie on their way. Thousands of ancient discoveries on all continents like the pyramids of Gizah or the Chinese Wall are waiting to be explored. After exciting PvP combat at land and on the seas, strong guilds can take control of colonies and cities and decide upon their destiny. Bounty Bay Online features a unique trade system based on supply and demand. In April 2008 Frogster has started a free-to-play server with an integrated item shop as an alternative to the subscription model, so that new sailors can now roam the Seven Seas without any fixed costs. More information is available on www.bountybayonline.com.


• Hundreds of authentic ship models

• Land and sea combat

• More than 60 realistic towns and harbours in historical authentic style

• Guilds can conquer towns

• Trade system based on supply and demand

• Free Colony Add-on: Guilds can now found their own colonies and then decide upon the rules in their territories.

• Coming 25.11.2009: The comprehensive expansion ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will allow a complete circumvention of the world for the first time and will contain new cities, one new continent, some new instances and many new quest.

About Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

As a holding with different shares in the computer games industry, the listed Frogster Interactive Pictures AG based in Berlin is focusing on the growth sector of massively multiplayer online games. The company licenses, markets and operates different online games in the German speaking market and internationally. Its Korean joint venture Frogster Asia Co. Ltd. based in Seoul develops MMO Games and markets their own as well as licensed virtual worlds in Asia. Frogster America Inc. based in San Francisco, USA, markets and operates MMO Games in North America since January 2009. At their offices in Berlin, Seoul and San Francisco, the Frogster group employs more than 100 staff members in the fields of development, marketing, PR, web design, community management, customer support, hosting, billing and administration. Internet: www.frogster.de


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