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Booster Trooper

Jetpack arena shooter arrives on PC.

Booster Trooper is a cross between an old-school “jetpack platformer” and the modern, arena based, multiplayer game. It provides tons of fun with its fast-paced action, and larger-than-life weapons! You can run, or fly around the levels, blasting you enemies to bits using a large variety of weapons including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, mini-guns, magma throwers, rockets and grenades! The game is packed full of action whether you play against the BOTs or against other human players, and will constantly keep you on the edge. To survive and succeed you will need to apply cunning tactics and make split-second decisions.

Booster Trooper features multiple maps, allows for 12 players to participate, and has online ranking boards, and more than 250 achievements to unlock! The game has multiple options including Death-Match, Team Death-Match, Capture The Flag, Destroy The Base and a LOT more!

Booster Trooper is developed by DnS Development, and is exclusively available as a digital download through Steam.


Journalists interested in review code should fire off an email to press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com. More information about Booster Trooper is available by visiting the developer website at www.dns-development.com and the dedicated game website found at www.boostertrooper.com. Watch the awesome game-play video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLtdx0zT2OU


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