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3D tank battler rolled out onto eFusion's new website.

Today, July 6th 2009, eFusion MMOG GmbH the official publisher of Navy Field Europe has opened TwoWar.com a new website for historical world war MMOGs. TwoWar.com is for military gamers and offering them information’s and featuring screenshots, art works and videos to the games.

For the opening eFusion MMOG has prepared special events.

Event participants have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii, NF Crystals, NF Caps and Premium Items.

Moreover will be a special 4-Day Mega Boosting held in Navy Field Europe from July 6th until 9th. All players gain +30% Experience and the chance for veteran conversions are doubled in this time.

Link: http://www.twowar.com

Blitz1941 – The Tank Online Game!

eFusion MMOG GmbH has announced a new edition MMOG called Blitz1941. It’s a 3D tank game based on the German-Soviet conflict during the World War II. eFusion MMOG will launch this game in Europe within this year. In addition to the launch eFusion MMOG will also care on the future development of this game.

In Blitz1941 gamers can command their tank together with many other players in a team, and fight in massive and epic battles with over 200 players on one battlefield. The target is to occupy enemy cities and use the advantage of it later.

Gamers can customize their own tanks and improve the skills of their character, creating their own play style. In Blitz1941 players can directly jump into a battle to have instant action.

The 3D engine allows real influence on the game play by the geography of a map.

Link: http://blitz1941.twowar.com

Company Introduction

eFusion MMOG GmbH is a European official publisher of Navy Field and based in Germany.

Navy Field Europe has been started from August 2007 and it’s published to Pan-Europe.

Since 2009 eFusion is developing Blitz1941 further to offer one more ambitious military MMOG to gamers.

eFusion is focusing on MMOGs and European Market and will publish more qualified Korean MMOGs to European market.

www.efusion-mmog.com, www.twowar.com, www.navyfield.eu


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