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Blimey! moves to reassure following 10T's insolvency

Developer cites "unannounced major project" that secures the company

Following the news earlier today that German-based company 10Tacle Studios AG had filed for insolvency after a funding round failed to materialise, associated studio Blimey! Games has announced that it is unaffected by the problems.

"Blimey! Games Ltd would like to announce their continued growth and healthy balance sheets, despite 10Tacle's recently declared insolvency," read a statement received by GamesIndustry.biz. "We at Blimey! Games would like to announce that this will in no way affect our company, or our products.

"Work on our Ferrari project continues, and we have also recently signed an unannounced but major brand for a top publisher. Our studio has recently taken on many new staff and we are very happy to be working on several upcoming and exciting projects."

And Ian Bell, the company's CEO and creative director added, "Despite 10T's unfortunate and recently announced insolvency, Blimey! Games is in a very strong position. We have recently signed an unannounced major project for a top tier publisher which secures our continued growth, and our Ferrari title remains unaffected. Work will continue as normal at our studio."

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