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BLAZE Quad Charger

Comes with four rechargable batteries and a "sleek, stunning design".


Doncaster, UK – 11/10/2010   BLAZE have announced that they will soon be launching their 4 way Wii Mote Quad charger which includes 4 rechargeable batteries

With the Christmas period nearly upon us, there is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii will once again prove popular due to its family friendly interactive entertainment properties.

The Wii will once again bring festive fun to generations, and you will no doubt find that you need to charge your controllers much more often than any other time, to keep the fun flowing!


This new charger from BLAZE allows you to rapidly charge up to 4 Wii Motes at once, keeping the whole family happy and therefore extending those interactive gaming sessions.

The new BLAZE Quad Charger will also save you a small fortune on batteries, as the product comes complete with 4 rechargeable battery packs that simply clip into your existing Wii Mote battery compartment.

Never let your batteries call time on your Wii gaming!


As we have come to expect with BLAZE, there is always an added element of “cool” to their products, and this new Quad Charger is no different. The unit gives an impressive blue glow whenever it is charging your Wii motes, which truthfully is function AND form, as the illumination lets you know when the Wii motes are charged.

The new BLAZE Quad Charger is due for release in mid October 2010

Wii 4 Way Charger with 4x Rechargeable Battery packs

Charge 4 Wii Motes at the same time

Rapid charging times

Charge in style! - Sleek stunning design

Comes with 4 rechargeable battery packs - No more need for batteries

"Cool Glow" blue charge indicator


RRP £29.99


The BLAZE Wii Controllers will be  available to buy from www.blazeeurope.com and all leading video game retailers in Mid October 2010, for a bargain price of £29.99


For the official Blaze Europe webpage please visit  www.blazeeurope.com/wii/wii-4-way-charger-with-battery-packs/prod_140.html


Information about all BLAZE products can be found at www.blazeeurope.com



Craig Bennett                                                                                                


(+44) 01302 325225

Suzanne Nurse


(+44) 07717686255

About BLAZE Europe Ltd 

Blaze Europe is a world leading developer and distributor of quality accessories and software for video game consoles, handheld media devices and PCs.


With over 20 years of experience in the sector, the research and development team continually create a product range that is designed to meet the needs of a fast changing business, in a fast changing market. This team has established BLAZE as an innovative and high quality brand.


The portfolio spans all gaming console formats, from the major platform holders such as Sony,  Microsoft and Nintendo, to the latest notebook computers and media devices.


BLAZE partners with only the finest engineers and over the years have developed excellent relationships with large manufacturing facilities worldwide, providing industry leading quality and reliability.


Marketing teams in the UK build consumer demand through a broad range of marketing and PR activities across specialist and mainstream channels.


Exceptional trade support is provided through a range of cross-promotional and point-of-sale offerings.


BLAZE Europe distributes globally through its own sales force, direct to retail and through distribution partners worldwide.  


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