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Blaze Mega Drive

Handheld version of Sega's 16-bit console with 20 games built in.

24th July 2008


At last! BLAZE are proud to announce they will be releasing their 16bit Megadrive handheld console in July 2008. The Blaze portable game player will be heading to a store near you from next month, so mums and dads, if you missed playing Sega Megadrive classics such as Sonic and Knuckles, Golden Axe, Shinobi and Ecco the Dolphin, you now have a chance to do so again... in all their portable glory... and all for the price of a single Nintendo DS game!

Other games to be hooked on again include Alex Kidd - Enchanted Castle, Alien Storm Altered Beast, Arrow Flash, Crackdown, Decap Attack, Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco Junior, Flicky, Gain Ground, Jewel Master, Kid Chameleon, Sonic Spinball and Shadow Dancer.

...All very 90’s retro chic and far less damaging to your reputation than singing along to Color ME Bad.....Though not everything from the 90’s should make a comeback...are you listening Spice Girls?

Watch a demonstration video and see gameplay footage at http://www.segaretro.net

Now the serious stuff:


Plug & play portable video game system

20 built-in 16-bit SEGA licensed games

Built-in speakers

Build in colour LCD screen

TV out connection

TV format: PAL


3 x AAA batteries.

(Batteries not included)


The Blaze Portable game console is a video game player, which is pre-loaded with 20 classic games from SEGA. There is therefore no need to buy game cartridges. The blaze Portable game player has an A/V connector and with the included cable the player can be connected to any TV set. Enjoy playing classic SEGA games anytime, anywhere with the new Blaze Portable video game player. Presented in stylish blister packaging.

Watch out for more BLAZE product announcements from BLAZE and ATGames soon....

Available now from all leading games stores and online at www.segaretro.net for just £29.99 (+ P&P)

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- end -

PR/Media Contact:

James Gill

Marketing Manager

Blaze International Ltd.


office: +44 (0) 1302 325225

About Blaze International Ltd:

BLAZE develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide a comprehensive range of console and PC based media management and video game accessories under the Xploder and Blaze brand-names.

The BLAZE brand has been recently been used to re-launch a range of innovative bespoke accessory lines for major videogame consoles along with a range of retro Sega Megadrive branded products

As an MPEG4/AAC licensee, BLAZE provide advanced media conversion of video and music for use on PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, PS2, DS, Mobile Handsets and iPod as a single access point. Cross-platform media management solutions are available for all media, whatever the system.

NOTE: The company names and product names are the registered trademark of each respective company.


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