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Biohexx 2: The Second Encounter - 2007 Logic Game of the Year - is Available Now

For immediate release

December 10, 2007

Biohexx 2, a stunning sequel to award winning Biohexx from Pyramid Games, will not leave your grey matter unsatisfied! Do not hesitate, have your intellect challenged!

Pyramid Games today announces the release of Biohexx 2: The Second Encounter, the groundbreaking sequel to the most extraordinary intellect straining game - Biohexx. Just imagine yourself in a biolab. There are lots of papers, retorts, spirit-lamps and test tubes around you. Suddenly, you discover colonies of various bacteria in the test tubes. What are you thinking about? About numerous things, perhaps. But the only thing you would not dream of thinking is that the bacteria are not just passive microscopic organisms which do nothing all the time, but intelligent and circumspect creatures which will challenge your intellect very soon!

The game field represents a hexagon divided into smaller hexagons, like a rhombus drawn on a check paper. According to the level, there is your army of bacteria and your opponent's on different sides of the game field. The bacteria have two abilities: to replicate themselves on a nearer square or jump to another farther-situated one. When a bacterium is positioned in immediate proximity to its opponent, it renders it into its own type thus allowing a certain side to get a numerical superiority. The player's objective is to cultivate their own colony of microorganisms on the whole area of the game field. In other words, to occupy the whole game space with "their" army of bacteria by replicating them or assaulting the opponent.

Biohexx 2 has three game modes: Classic Game, Scenario and Head to Head. The first one allows you to play against the computer on various maps with the help of five different types of bacteria. In this mode, the game somehow reminds a well-known chess or checkers game. There are also four stunning difficulty levels: Easy (computer yields to the player easily), Normal (computer plays in a usual way), Hard (computer does not give away and uses its whole intellectual strength) and Impossible (only the most intelligent will win).

In the Scenario mode, you can hold a tournament on one of the maps or create your own one. You are not restrained in your creativity in any way: maps could be either simple or complex phantasmagoric ones.

You can hold a battle with your friends in Head to Head mode. You make the first move, your friend the second or vice-versa. You have no limitations in tactics because you play with a person, not a computer.

Biohexx 2: The Second Encounter Features at a Glance:

- An intellect challenging entertainment;

- 3 Game Modes: Classic, Scenario, Head to Head;

- 5 Types of bacteria;

- Beautiful graphics to please your eyes;

- No constraints in tactics and creativity.

Pricing and Availability

Biohexx 2: The Second Encounter runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, XP or VISTA and costs $19.95 (USD). Its free demo-version is available at http://www.pyramid-games.com/.

Product page link: http://www.pyramid-games.com/biohexx_2/

Direct download link: http://www.pyramid-games.com/biohexx_2/biohexx2_demo.exe

Company website: http://www.pyramid-games.com/

E-mail: info@pyramid-games.com

Contact: Yury Reyngardt

Company: Pyramid Games

Title: CEO/Founder

E-mail: info@pyramid-games.com


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