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Bigfoot Networks Introduces LLR™ Technology To Reduce Lag And Latency In The Gaming World

Company Also Sponsors New Online Community: www.EndLagNow.org


AUSTIN, Texas - March 22, 2006 - Bigfoot Networks, Inc. today introduced its LLRTM Technology, which stands for Lag and Latency Reduction and is the industry's first technology developed specifically to fight Lag in online video games. In addition, the company also announced today that it is the lead sponsor for the EndLagNow.org community Web site which launched this week. EndLagNow.org provides a forum and community where gamers, developers and hardware manufacturers can collaborate on solutions to reduce the effects of Lag.

"LLR was designed exclusively to fight Lag in video games. Simply put, LLR will make game play more fun because gamers who buy products powered by LLR Technology will have lower latency, and less Lag," says Harlan Beverly, inventor, co-Founder, and CEO of Bigfoot Networks. "In addition, gamers who buy products with LLR Technology will have a competitive advantage in online games over those who choose traditional networking products."

LLR Technology is a hardware chipset which includes a Gaming Network Processor specifically designed to accelerate video games. LLR works by getting data to video games faster, more reliably, and with less system resources. Gamers who buy products designed with LLR benefit from less Lag because the technology reduces ping (latency), and reduces the effects of Internet problems such as packet loss. Since LLR Technology is built on a customized Gaming Network Processor, it reduces the load on the primary processor (CPU) meaning the potential for more Frames-Per-Second in online video games. LLR Technology will be available for sale in Network Interface Cards (NICs) later this year.

New Online Community Dedicated to Fighting Lag

"One of the more annoying aspects of Lag is that while it is easy to find places online to voice your frustrations, there was no place where gamers, game developers and hardware manufacturers could go to collaborate on solutions to fight Lag," said Bob Grim, co-Founder and VP of Marketing for Bigfoot Networks.

Responding to this need, Bigfoot Networks sponsored the development of a community devoted to preventing, reducing and eventually ending Lag. Within this community, users and contributors will talk about Lag in different games and evaluate products that fight Lag. EndLagNow.org will also include opinions from experts, blogs, reviews, and a community forum in which gamers, game developers, hardware vendors and others can come together to discuss Lag. Bigfoot is proud to be the first to sponsor this community and hope other companies join the effort.

About Bigfoot Networks

Bigfoot Networks is an innovative Austin-based start-up company with roots from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. The company was formed by a team of Executive MBA students to develop hardware products that improve the performance and reduce Lag in online video games. The team has won numerous awards, including the 2005 Fortune Small Business Startup Competition and the prestigious 2005 Moot Corp. Competition at the University of Texas. The company recently received $4 million in funding from Venio Capital Partners, and is a member of the Austin Technology Incubator.

For more information, contact:

Aaron De Lucia

Porter Novelli for Bigfoot Networks

Ph: (512) 241-2249


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