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Bethesda clarifies future of Elder Scrolls franchise

"Of course we’re going to do another Elder Scrolls game," says Hines, but company won't be pressured into releasing details

Bethesda's Pete Hines as moved to clarify internet speculation about the future of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Hines has said that Bethesda' producer Todd Howard was misquoted at QuakeCon last week, when he refused to give any details on a possible fifth title in the series, leading some to assume a new single-player game was not in development.

"Of course, we’re going to do another Elder Scrolls game. The last one was enormously popular," wrote Hines on the publisher's official blog.

"Todd and Bethesda Game Studios are hard at work on their next big game, and we’re not ready to discuss it. As always, we prefer to have something amazing to show when we talk about it. We aren’t going to confirm or deny or comment on speculation, nor are we going to give hints about anything. If you know us by now, you know we don’t really do that," he added.

As well as a Elder Scrolls V, it's rumoured the company is working on an MMO based on the series, at its specialist ZeniMax Online Studios.

Recent URLS unearthed by superannuation list a string of relevant website names, and the company began the year by recruiting MMO talent to its studio, including ex-World of Warcraft developers.

However, Hines remained tight-lipped on what exactly the studio is working on. "When ZeniMax Online is ready to show what they are up to, we’ll let everyone know. Until then we aren’t going to provide hints or speculate on what they’re doing either," he said.

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