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<b>E3 2004:</b> Halo 2 set for November, Doom 3 this summer

Id Software's long-awaited Doom 3 will launch this summer, according to the latest information from the legendary developer and from publisher Activision, while Bungie's Halo 2 is now slated for a November 9 launch.

Both dates emerged at Microsoft's pre-E3 conference last night, where it was also revealed that Halo 2 will ship in two versions - the standalone game, and a limited edition box which will include a second DVD with documentaries and other extras about the making of the game.

Doom III is currently tentatively pencilled in to be released during Activision's fiscal second quarter, and is expected to launch at around the same time on PC and Xbox - with conversion work on the Xbox SKU currently underway at developer Vicarious Visions.

The other big first person shooter title of the year, Half-Life 2, is generally expected to arrive in late summer or early autumn - with a launch in September, exactly a year after the originally promised date, seemingly increasingly likely. More information on Half-Life 2 is due to emerge at the E3 show which kicks off tomorrow in Los Angeles.

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