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Battle of the Millennium

Episodic RPG adventure starring a lass called Marine.

Aldorlea Games ( http://www.aldorlea.org), creators of the popular "Laxius Force" franchise and "3 Stars of Destiny", are proud to announce the launch of their brand new saga, "Battle of the Millennium" ( http://www.batt1000.com).


Designed in a series of several episodes meant to be released every four months, the first chapter of this addictive new saga will thrill and move players with its epic breath and beautifully developed characters. Fans of the Aldorlea signature will be pleased to know that what made the past games exciting and unique experiences has been kept and polished in this new adventure.

Players will enter a world of magic and dangerous creatures, solve more than 35 quests, discover tens of secret places, fight numerous enemies, as they venture in enchanting landscapes, admiring amazing artworks and listening to enthralling themes.

If you are fan of RPG, adventure, or just like to dive into a great story - wait no more, and enter the world of Battle of the Millennium!


Marine is young, unexperienced, a bit mischievous, yet she has a heart bigger than most.

As she sees people around her weaken in despair and her own father critically wounded, Marine enters a crazy journey that could change the world of Myst forever.

Her goal? She has a bit less than a month to find and convince twelve warriors to support her, so that ultimately she can confront the thirteen powerful warriors of the heartless government of Mystrock in a legendary showdown.

If she wins - the lands of Myst will never be the same again. But in a country poor and devastated by diseases and drastic natural conditions, can she find the twelve persons that will allow her to pursue her dream of a better future?


Aldorlea Games are an independent company specialised in old-school RPGs and adventure games.

Our ambition is to design games with exciting storylines, polished gameplay and rich content.


Aldorlea Games


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