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Babel Rising

Update adds new power, difficult mode and other tweaks.

2010-02-10 08:58:48

Babel Rising Update 1.1 : http://bit.ly/BABEL_RISING_iPhone

With this update, you will gain more content and optimization!

- A NEW POWER: a divine eye will allow you to destroy one of the tower’s floors, where all of the workers are to be found!

- A DIFFICULT MODE, which may be accessed when you obtain the 8-minute trophy. This mode allows experienced players to skip the first few minutes of the game.

- A NEW original DECOR!

- The God’s Finger power is even more precise and deadly!

- Better detection to allow you to recognize the movements for Lightning and the Meteorite Shower

- The use of the most recent and optimized version of Openfeint (2.5)

- Better performance while using Bulky Channel and Openfeint


Don’t forget to leave your comments at the Appstore! They help us to do more precise updates!

Next update is already in the pipe ;-)

Thanks for playing Babel Rising !

About White Birds Productions:

Created in 2003, White Birds Productions is a French video games studio based in Paris. Specialized in creating games with strong narrative aspects and famous for their graphic realizations, the studio has done more than 15 titles on the main video game platforms. On the iPhone, White Birds has got an ambitious editorial politic and wants to offer original and innovative contains in addition to adapt their most famous adventure games.

About Bulkypix:

Bulkypix is publishing and developing games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. Bulkypix’s ambition is to create innovative games, such as Hysteria Project (won the French “Revelation 2009 Milthon Award, My Brute based on the famous PC Brand, BaDaBoo a simple and addictive casual games downloaded more than 1 Million time. Bulkypix is also publisher for 3rd parties on great games like Babel Rising and Twin Blades. 30 games will be published in 2010.Bulkypix also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising).Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any projects you want to be published on the Appstore. Contact us on vincent.dondaine@bulkypix.com.

Bulkypix website: www.bulkypix.com


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