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Awesome Soccer

Ball-bending footie game written to spare its author from watching The X-Factor.

Awesome Soccer takes its inspiration from the genre defining soccer games of the last decade, blasting them into the 21st Century with the graphical realism, features and polish that today's modern gamer demands.

Awesome Soccer features the "Awesome Aftertouch System" - a revolutionary control system that enables you to apply bend and swerve the ball with dramatic effect. It's so sophisticated - yet so simple to use – that you can even bend the ball in MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS during a single shot! Finally, you can bend it BETTER than a certain footballing icon!

The game allows you to challenge for glory in over 12 Preset Competitions from around the World, with yet more in the pipeline that will be available to download free of charge.

But you're not limited to only the preset tournaments - you can create your very own customised Leagues, Knock-out Cups or even 2 Stage Tournaments featuring a staggering 128 teams to satisfy those competitive appetites!

Skilful Players are recognised and rewarded within the game via "Golden Balls". There are over 30 Golden Balls to collect, each one representing a unique achievement from Winning your first game, to keeping a clean sheet, right up to becoming the champion of a 128 team tournament.

Awesome Soccer comes complete with a sophisticated Formation Editor that complements the comprehensive Team Editor allowing total customisation of - or creation of new - Teams, Players, Kits and Badges used in the game.

The game boasts all the latest features one would expect from a high end soccer game, including dramatic penalty shoot outs, interactive Action Replays, a stylish Offside-Cam, Match Highlights and Statistics plus much, much more.

With sublime game play, a multitude of features, teams and competitions, Awesome Soccer aims to live up to it's name...

Did you know...?

Awesome Soccer has been written by just one guy, Peter Cox. But he was helped out by Simon Cowell...

An interesting fact is that he did most of the coding on a laptop whilst sitting next to his significant other as she watched the myriad of Reality TV shows like "Big Brother", "Britain's Got Talent" and "The X-Factor"...

...the rumours that Simon has been thanked personally in the credits are, as yet, unconfirmed...

Awesome Soccer Availability & Pricing

Awesome Soccer is available now for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac and costs $14.95 (USD).

All registered customers are entitled to free priority technical support.

Additional information on Awesome Soccer, as well as the free evaluation version, is available at our website http://www.red27studios.com

System Requirements


Windows 95 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7

Processor: 1.4 Ghz

Graphics Card: 64MB (128MB recommended)

RAM: 512MB


OS X 10.2 or later

Processor: 1.4 Ghz

Graphics Card: 64MB (128MB recommended)

RAM: 512MB

About Red27 Studios

Red27 Studios is an Independent Game Development company based in the UK, formed in 2007 by Peter Cox. Peter has published various titles on the Amiga, and more recently created the very imaginatively titled "Peter Cox's Golf", which received 5 star reviews.



A full version of the game for review is available upon request. Please contact Peter Cox at press@red27studios.com for more information.

A Press Kit (containing Screenshots, Game Logos and DVD Box Shots) is available for your convenience at http://www.red27studios.com/press/awesomesoccer_presskit.zip

For more information about Awesome Soccer, please contact Red27 Studios at:

E-mail: press@red27studios.com

Web Contact Form: http://www.red27studios.com/contact.php

Company site: http://www.red27studios.com

Game site: http://www.red27studios.com

Game logos:

http://www.red27studios.com/images/logo100.png (small)

http://www.red27studios.com/images/logo150.png (medium)

http://www.red27studios.com/images/logo200.png (large)












Download link (Windows):


Download link (Mac):


Press Center:



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