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Aviation chemtrails issue to become subject of computer game?


The growing controversy on the internet in the US and Europe about non civilian unmarked planes leaving pure white expanding chemtrail crosses, grids, thick white trails and expanding white sheets across skies in the US and the UK, has lead to the creation of many websites covering the issue, eg:


Theories abound about how these chemtrails which resemble normal evaporating vapour trails could be for climate and global warming manipulation / co2 suppression or military weapon purposes.

Creative minds suggest these planes may well be monitored and guided in their operations by military and weather satellites, as the patterns of the trails and sheets are too well organised to be left in the skies without careful direction.

A movie script on this subject is already doing the rounds in Hollywood.

AllintheGame, the UK based scriptwriters agency and voice production company, has a range of experienced writers, several of whom have already been approached to take on work based on scientific, conspiracy and anti-terrorism themes related to the US military/industrial complex.

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Philip Morris

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