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Avatar Showdown

Fisticuffs on Xbox Live Indie Games, available now for 80 Microsoft points.

February 24, 2010– (Dallas, TX) JForce Games, creators of the upcoming & highly anticipated “best indie game ever” are freakin’ ecstatic to announce the release of their side project: "Avatar Showdown" on Xbox Live Indie Games. This groundbreaking title marks the first time players can take control of their avatar and punch other avatars right in their cute little faces.

The game features several celebrity appearances in the single player mode, plus a two player versus mode playable locally and online. And all for just 80 Microsoft points ($1).

It also comes with a trailer which some have said to be the greatest trailer of all time.

View the trailer here:


Xbox Live Marketplace page:




Download Screenshots zip file:


JForce Games website:


Upcoming best indie game ever, "JForce: UNSTOPPABLE" trailer:



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